Tree planting

We’ll be going ahead with more planting tomorrow (Monday 9th December). The day is forecast fine, and it would be so good to see lots of people there. It’ll be the same area, the field beside Cricklade Road, and the same time to start, 10.00 a.m.

If you come by car and park in the small car park off Pinehurst Road, just follow the cycle path round on foot to the other side of HBUF.

We had greater numbers today, including a family with two dogs, three children, one grandfather and lots of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and flapjacks. And they did lots of tree planting, too.

Just a small note about how we plant – we put in the large-canopy trees first at a distance of about 2m (that’s four adult paces), and then infill with the smaller, forest-edge plants. Steve will have delineated the areas within which we plant.

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