About HBUF

Hreod Burna Urban Forest takes its name from the Hreod Burna (‘rushy brook’ in Anglo-Saxon), which runs beneath Cricklade Road near the Gorse Hill Chinese takeaway and the Hawthorn Pharmacy, and continues right through to Akers Way where it joins the River Ray.

Our story began in 2008, when a proposed housing development threatened what was then Pickards Small Field and Kembrey Grass. Residents were opposed to the loss of the fields and began the battle against the housing development. They proposed instead to turn the area into an urban forest.

Finally in 2012, the development proposal was withdrawn, the Hreod Burna Parkway Preservation group was formed, and work started. With the support of the Forestry Commission, hundreds of young native saplings and fruit trees were planted. The woods were thinned to allow light into the ground, the brook cleared of much rubbish, the paths improved and a new bridge built over the brook.

In autumn 2013, the Charity Commission awarded charitable status to the group, newly named the Hreod Burna Urban Forest (Charity No 1155603).

Since then our volunteers have continued planting trees and wildflowers, and have maintained the site for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone in our local community.

You can find out more about us and our activities by exploring this website, and we hope you’ll come and explore our little forest too.

Map of HBUF and where to find us
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