Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Josie Lewis, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher, Kate Henery, Amanda Mustoe

Apologies for absence: None

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record

Matters Arising:

  • Highways Dept has already delivered some planings
  • Josie – Nationwide volunteers raked meadow, strimmed Tiverton field, cleared a lot of blackthorn; she’ll send thank you letter
  • Josie – local volunteers will be working in the week in Tiverton field
  • Josie hasn’t investigated bollards; she added that she didn’t think they were necessary
  • No reply from Fast Plant to recorded delivery letter – next step is referring to Trading Standards (Mary)

Chairman’s Report:

  • Steve cut wildflower meadow in time for Nationwide volunteers to clear, also main east-west path and the dell
  • HBUF strimmers – John Ballman suggested asking Brian Carter to help with repair

HBUF Website:

John Ballman suggested HBUF might be able to piggy-back on to the parish website in the future, but we’ll carry on with this website ( for another year – Mary to spend time inputting data and getting to grips with site with help from James Stiff.

Cricklade Field:

Steve presented sketch of visual representation of a planted-up Cricklade Field (his proposal would be one-tenth canopy trees to nine-tenths woodland edge shrubs/plants) , and referred to fact Jonathan Wilshaw had approached Andy Reeve with offer of trees, which Steve thought might be planted north of the cycle path and on the edge of Southbrook Rec (i.e. not part of HBUF leased land).  John Ballman pointed out that ownership of this particular land was not known.

Josie referred once again to intending to dig up any trees that we might plant on Cricklade Field.

It was decided by the meeting that we would put the proposal (planting up Cricklade Field/north of May Close cycle path/edge of Southbrook Rec) to the relevant department of Swindon Borough Council to test the waters as to permission/legality.


  • Josie raised problem of the filter sacks supplied by Thames Water now becoming filthy – decision to contact Thames Water again re removing/replacing the filter sacks
  • Warning sign referring to broken glass in water at weir bridge – decision not to erect a sign but to refer to the Environment Agency
  • No need to burn wildflower meadow rakings because damp
  • Tiverton Field – Josie will organise burn day there

Meeting closed 7.50

Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 10th September 2018, St Barnabas Small Hall.