1.  Present at meeting: Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Josie Lewis, Kate Henery, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher, Marieanna MacPherson, Ben Williams, John Piggott

2.  Apologies for absence: None

3.  Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record although Josie wished to have added that Amanda Musto spoke about the dysfunctional nature of the group.

4.  Matters Arising: None

5.  Discussion of document ‘Job Description/Code of Conduct’

Josie proposed an alternative document to this, remarking that this was a much simpler, less convoluted document, but it was not supported by the meeting.

The meeting went through the ‘Job Description/Code of Conduct’ document, amending, clarifying, deleting where everyone felt it appropriate. 

John Ballman proposed that we should accept this final amended document.  All were in favour.  It was also proposed that all would sign this amended document at the next meeting on 9th September.

John Piggott made several suggestions which related more to a future business/management plan (viz work to be done filling in holes and ruts in Picnic Field to avoid spraining ankles; possibility of a venue on site at which we might hold meetings).  He left the meeting early.


a)  The meeting agreed a vote of thanks to John Piggott, who works tirelessly for HBUF.  John Ballman recommended that we should write to John expressing our thanks, and the meeting agreed.

b)  It was proposed, further, to co-opt Steve Thompson into the position of Trustee – this also to form part of the business of the next meeting.  Sue was happy to continue for the moment to chair the meetings, but could not undertake all the work Steve had done as Chair.  It was mooted that Steve should, in fact, continue as Chair of the board of Trustees.  This also to be discussed at the next meeting.

c)  The main business of the next meeting, apart from the above, would be to discuss an outline business/management plan.

d)  Mary informed the meeting that she would not after all be able to finance aerial photographs of HBUF.

Meeting closed 8.15

Next meeting: 7pm, Monday 9th September, 2019 at St Barnabas Small Hall