Present at meeting:

Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Josie Lewis, Mary Farragher

2.  Apologies for absence: Bob Sherman, Kate Henery, John Ballman

3.  Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record.

4.  Matters arising:

  • Item 4 of minutes – the Parish haven’t emailed us the Tree Planting policy
  • Item 6 – The Open Air Gym idea would cost an extra £160pa insurance so not feasible at the moment
  • Item 7 – The diseased ash tree hasn’t yet been inspected by Estate Manager
  • Item 5 – Josie expressed opinion that decision about amalgamation of Trustee posts should not have taken place when both she and Marieanna were not present at the meeting (attendees pointed out that she had had an opportunity to give her views in writing)

5.  Inventory of Tools

Agreed we should do this, as well as mark up the tools.  This to be discussed at future meeting.

6.  Tree-planting report so far

Already planted – Cricklade Field + north of cycle path there.  Help gratefully received from volunteers including people from Twigs.  Positive comments from passers-by.  Matter to be discussed at full Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday evening.

7.  Marieanna’s resignation as trustee

Discussed.  See her letter appended below.

AOB  No St Barnabas Christmas tree this year. 

Meeting closed 7.40pm 

Next meeting: Monday 13th January 2020, 7.00, St Barnabas small hall.

Dear Hbuf committee,

I am relinquishing my place as a trustee as of today 15.12.2019

 Since the planting began in the Cricklade field I have found myself completely exhausted with the actions of this group. I have read through countless copies of our minutes with regards to planting in this field and at no point was a plan put into place. I have minutes stating Kate would draw up a map of the land and we would all have an opportunity to submit proposals to be discussed. This has not happened. There has been dispute as to whether it is legal to plant across this field that have not been formally approved which as trustees leave us liable for criminal damage.

I am ashamed to have been apart of this group and it’s complete neglect of the community as a whole as well as for each other. The members that sit on the council feel their want is more important than the whole.

I will be going to the council and parish about the situation with a complaint.

Kind regards

Mrs Marieanna MacPherson