Minutes of HBUF Meeting, Barnies Scout Hut, Thurs 8 Feb 2018

Present at meeting: Kate Henery, Steve Thompson, Josie Lewis, Bob Sherman, John Ballman, Amanda Musto, Sue Gwinnell, Mary Farragher

Apologies for absence: None

Minutes of last meeting: Passed as an accurate record of the meeting.

Matters Arising:

  • Digger driver came on the Tuesday and work completed
  • The 30 tons of hoggin delivered and realised to be inadequate – Steve asked meeting to agree to purchase of gravel from B&Q to make up the difference
  • Tree Council grant: Steve and Mary looked more closely at this and found it to be inappropriate for HBUF

[John Ballman – point of information – the position of a Grants Manager is being mooted by the Parish and we could benefit from this]

  • Owl nesting box – Steve has bought one of these from the Enterprise Works for £25.00
  • Josie and Bob cleared the rubbish from near hollow oak; and Kate will order the pyracantha and snowberry when sensible to do so
  • Josie – objections to planting trees on Cricklade Field on grounds that “Open Space” was not the same as “Public Open Space” and expressed opinion that such change of land use would have to go to public consultation

[John Ballman advised we approach Gas Board, Environment Agency and any other interested public body to see how HBUF would be situated with regard to tree planting; he will also find out about any necessity for public consultation.  He pointed out that the area is on the asset list to be transferred to the Parish, if we so wished, and that eventually any legal aspect would then be dealt with by the Parish’s solicitors, which would resolve the issue.]

  • Steve will approach Gas Board and Environment Agency.
  • Dog waste stickers to come

Chairman’s Report: No matters to report other than already discussed

Path Update:

Covered in Matters Arising.  Meeting agreed to buy four bags of 20ml gravel (probably costing about £160).

Josie – the Wellbeing group have given two dates’ availability (Josie to check these are Thurs 22nd February and Monday 26th March) 11.00-15.00.  They would be able to spread gravel on our new path.  Steve will order dumper truck once Josie has checked dates.  Tyres on wheelbarrows need to be pumped up (Steve).

Bee Re-Wilding:

Steve spoke to meeting about possibility of investing in natural hives (hollowed out logs that would be secured in trees).  Meeting agreed that Steve should investigate.

Wellbeing Group: Matter discussed already.

Meeting Day: Discussion led to agreement that Steve would approach Barnies about possibility of moving our meeting to a Monday evening.


Kate brought up matter of drug dealing taking place in HBUF, particularly on Picnic Field, with people driving in at night.  John Ballman will raise the matter with Police at a future meeting.

Meeting ended at 8.05.

Next Meeting: 7.00, Thursday 8th March 2018, Barnies Scout Hut, Gorse Hill

Next meeting will now take place at 7.00 on Monday 12th March 2018 at Barnies Scout Hut