Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Josie Lewis, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher

Apologies for absence: Kate Henery, Amanda Musto, Marieanna & Andrew McPherson, Stuart Batsford

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record by all but Josie who insisted that the first sentence of the third item under ‘Matters Arising’ was not sufficiently clear [‘Towards 8,000 Trees’ project – Josie raised matter once more about legality/permission for HBUF to plant trees on leased property.].  Her suggested amendment was not accepted by the meeting.

Matters Arising:

  1. Josie presented document ‘The Sarsen Bridge Path – Your Right of Way could be lost after January 2026’, together with a form ‘Right of Public Right of Way Evidence Form’, which she exhorted the members present to fill in.
  2. Our Co-operative Bank account – this will be closed on 1st Our application for a Lloyds Treasurers account is in the pipeline but Mary needs to chase it up.
  3. £5,000 grant from the Parish towards purchase of tractor/maintenance of same, from Derique Montaut. Mary needs to let the Wiltshire Community Fund know about this.
  4. The trees purchased via Jonathan Wilshaw were planted last weekend by Josie, Kate and Sue. They were thanked by the meeting.
  5. The consultation minuted to take place on 4th February did not do so. It was realised that this was too short a time span.
  6. Ellie Ewing, a contact via Community First, a charitable trust based in Devizes, will be guiding us through much of the consultation/advertising for our ‘Towards 10,000 Trees’ project.

HBUF shed:

  1. Concern expressed about the amount of space taken up by sit-on mower (difficulties getting to other equipment there). Steve to ask John Piggott to remove it since it doesn’t work.
  2. Decision to change the lock on the shed – Steve to organise.

We will investigate this (online charitable funding) further and discuss/make decision at next meeting.

Chairman’s Report:

All items already covered under Matters Arising.


  1. Sue reported that the Scouts would like to come and do a morning’s work – we need to consider what we could ask them to do – next meeting.
  2. Road planings – Mike Ashmore has left and there’s a new supervisor at Street Smart; Josie will follow up to find out if they will still complete our paths for us.
  3. We have applied to the Co-op for a grant to do a chainsaw course.

Meeting closed 8.00

Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 11th March 2019, St Barnabas Small Hall.