Minutes of HBUF Meeting, Barney’s Scout Hut, Thurs 11 Jan 2018

Present at meeting:

Kate Henery, Steve Thompson, Josie Lewis, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher

Apologies for absence:

Amanda Musto, Sue Gwinnell, John Ballman, Emma (surname not known)

Minutes of last meeting:

Passed as an accurate record of the meeting.

Matters Arising:

  • Hollies and alders planted in dell
  • Digger driver now coming on Thurs 18th and Fri 19th Jan
  • WWF Wellbeing Group – Josie reports she’ll try to arrange a group for the Thursday

Chairman’s Report:

  • Neither of the two grants we applied for have come through for us
  • Chainsaw training – our options are to fund one person ourselves or maybe to complete a shorter course (two-day)
  • The Tree Council grant (seen on VAS newsletter): we would need children to take part in planting (Kate OK to approach Ferndale School, and Sue possibly to involve scouts). Tree Council would approve trees to a value of £525.
  • Parish Council donated five Christmas trees – planted by Steve, John Ballman and Des Moffatt beside steps near waterfall
  • Three notice boards have been put up by Gavin and John
  • Emma and friends as volunteers. Emma toured this week and coming on Saturday to do three hours.  Couldn’t make tonight’s meeting.

Proposal to plant 10,000 trees:

Steve presented document outlining this project.  Proposed areas to be planted would be Cricklade Field, along with the triangular shape of land south of May Close/north of cycle path, and the area near the changing rooms.  The Woodland Trust would fund 60% for self-planting, or 50% for professional planting.

It was agreed to take on this project.  Steve will talk to the Woodland Trust.  Josie raised issue of problems through change of land use.  ST to investigate such problems (Andy Reeve?).

Owl Nesting Box:

It was agreed that SteveT will buy one from the Barn Owl Trust (cost £65).

Fly-tipping near Hollow Oak:

It was agreed to clear up the rubbish dumped near the hollow oak, and then to plant up with Pyracantha and Snowberry as a deterrent.  Kate to order up ten of each.


  • Kate has received cheque for £32.22 from the Scouts Group via Sue Gwinnell
  • Christmas tree in St Barnabas – thanks to Sue for dismantling and looking after the decorations
  • Dog waste stickers now available from SBC Dog Warden (now exists a fixed penalty fine or criminal record for non-disposal of dog waste)

Meeting ended at 7.50

Next Meeting:

7.00, Thursday 8th Feb 2018, Barnie’s Scout Hut, Gorse Hill