Minutes of HBUF Meeting, St Barnabas Small Hall, Mon 9th July 2018

Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Josie Lewis, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher, Sue Gwinnell, Kate Henery, Andrew McPherson, Amanda Mustoe, Jake Chandler

Apologies for absence: None

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record

Matters Arising:

  • Work on trees not yet done (see Chairman’s Report below)
  • Road planings – result of meeting between Josie and Mike Ashmore (Head of SBC Highways Dept) is that HBUF will be given 200 tons (or it could be tonnes) of planings and the work will be done free of charge, counted as a community project. Proviso that work at Coate Water would have to be completed first.  We therefore have no date for the work yet.
  • Meeting minuted thanks to Josie for seeing this through.
  • Nationwide volunteers Mon 13th August – agenda for day:
    30 arrival; 10.00 start; 12.30-1.30 lunch; 4.00 finish/summary of day; 4.30 departure. Track and vegetation clearance.
  • Josie hasn’t been in touch with Well being group yet, nor investigated bollards.

Chairman’s Report:

  • Meeting with tree gang again and Rob Core to establish where dangerous trees are as work not yet done
  • F*** P**** – still no reply. Further, recorded delivery, letter to go to (named) Chairman informing him that we intend to go to Trading Standards about this matter, and asking them to respond within seven working days

Wildlife & Countryside Act re rabbits and squirrels:

Wild rabbit seen by Steve – something we need to keep an eye on in view of damage to trees.

Proxy & Postal Voting:

Meeting agreed to postpone any discussion of this till 2019.


  • It was agreed that a wildflower meadow project in Tiverton field could go ahead on an individual basis – Amanda and Josie to co-ordinate said project; and it was arranged that Andrew would cut grass there with scythe mower on Sunday next
  • No problem for Amanda to cut down blackberry bush against her wall there
  • More raking next Sunday, 9.00 am

Meeting closed at approx 8.30

Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 13th August, St Barnabas Small Hall.

For those who wish to donate/pay subs to HBUF via bank A/C, the details are still:

Hreod Burna Parkway Preservation Group                            08.92.99           65576728