1.  Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Josie Lewis, Kate Henery, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher

2.  Apologies for absence: Josie gave apologies for Amanda Musto, Marieanna and Andrew

3.  Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record

4.  Matters Arising:

Re security – John Ballman reports that the Parish has changed the lock on the depot.

5.  Chairman’s Report:

Steve reported back on the Eco-Fest and his well-received talk there [see Facebook ‘Trimby’ comment].  Sue and Mary were pleased about all the interest we received and the number of contacts we made, including Jason, a tree surgeon, who will be doing some coppicing for us.  Steve had prepared a fuller report but unfortunately hadn’t been able to bring it to the meeting.

6.  Compact Tractor:

We are hopeful that we should have our hands on this within the next couple of months.  Steve has asked for the price of a front-acting bucket, trailer and shredder.  Information about different possible tractors and other things like training provided and service contract also mentioned.

7.  St Barnabas Open Day:

This Saturday 15th June, 11.00-3.00.  We will do a stall similar to that at the Eco-Fest.

8.  Tiverton Field:

Josie talked about the wildflower seeds that had been planted and the extra trees that she envisaged planting.  She was informed there would be plenty of trees available in the autumn and next spring. 

Mary again brought up the subject of opening up between the Tiverton and the Ballman Fields by creating a bridge across the ditch.  Reasoning for this includes a greater ease of movement for the compact tractor for mowing it, as well as making the field feel safer at the ditch end. 

Josie insisted that this would create a Right of Way and therefore against our lease; Mary disagreed and proposed, to avoid further argument, to bring in the Open Spaces Society’s definition of a Right of Way.  There was interest in finding a definition, furthermore, for ‘paths of desire’.

Mary recommended that HBUF should upgrade the Right of Way that exists in the Tiverton Field at the same time as we complete the rest of our pathways.  Agreed by the meeting.

9.  AOB:

  1. Aerial photographs of HBUF – Mary wishes to fund this since HBUF could do with an up-to-date photograph of the area.  John talked of consulting Andy Reeve re drone photography.
  2. Seed bombing – Steve proposed that this might be an idea for the Cubs and Scouts
  3. John mentioned winter-feeding programmes as an idea we might consider.

Meeting closed 8.0010.  Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 8th July 2019, St Barnabas Small Hall – AGM followed by regular meeting