Apart from the meeting proper

1)  Sue Gwinnell, as Meeting Chair, ruled out of order item 5 of the agenda (proposal to bring a vote of no confidence in Josie Lewis)

2)  Mary Farragher read out the apology she had made at the 4th March Central Swindon North Parish Council Leisure and Amenities Committee Meeting, viz

I’ve written out what I wish to say as I don’t wish to make any mistakes.

I have to apologise to all the allotment-holders in the Pinehurst Road allotments.  At the last meeting of this Committee, I inadvertently accused the allotment-holders of stealing some of HBUF’s holly plants.  This was totally unintentional on my part and totally undeserved on theirs. 

I had had a conversation with one of the allotment-holders, who was unhappy about members of the public, ie non allotment-holders, wandering into the allotments, treating it as a public park, and possibly helping themselves to things.  My comment was a reflection of my worry about our trees, and followed a remark made to me that it looked as though the holly plants had been disturbed.

1.  Present at meeting:

Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Kate Henery, Josie Lewis, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher

2.  Apologies for absence: John Ballman, Andrew MacPherson

3.  Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record.

4.  Matters arising:

1)  Steve re item 5  Chair’s Report (2)  The Parish Council has asked us not to plant any more trees until the ecology report has been done.  Steve has approached Andy Reeves to ask who will do this and when, and can HBUF have some input – no reply to this as yet.

2)  Kate re item 6 – Tree-planting (3) – she hasn’t yet ordered any Celtic Circle trees and cannot now do so until further notice.

3)  Re AOB – we haven’t done the clearing out of the items at side of Cricklade Field; Steve has undertaken to sort this out as soon as possible.


1)  Proposal that we should ask the Parish to fund aerial photography as part of the Ecology Report – Proposer: MF;  Seconder: ST;  all in favour.

2)  Josie asked if the EA would sort out the bank that has collapsed; Steve replied that this had been reported but no reply.

3)  The willow with the broken branch beside the weir bridge has been dealt with.

4)  Litter pick suggested by Josie – Steve will approach Ben Bell to help us with this.

5)  Point of information (Steve) – Two shipping containers have been ordered for the Pinehurst Road car park; one for the American Football group and one to store items currently in building.  Once building is emptied, there will be space for the tractor, which can be ordered at last.

Meeting closed 7.35pm 

Next meeting: Monday 6th April (our usual Monday would be Easter Monday) 2020, 7.00, St Barnabas small hall.I did minute an April meeting but, in light of the government’s recommendations, we will not now be able to meet for the foreseeable future during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.