Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Kate Henery, Josie Lewis, Amanda Musto, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher

Apologies for absence: None

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record

Matters Arising:

  • Amanda re Tiverton Field – local residents might object to pathway between Tiverton and Ballman Fields
  • Josie requested that the cheque for £25 to Community Payback expenses should be FAO Dave Howlett
  • ‘Towards 8,000 Trees’ project – Josie raised matter once more about legality/permission for HBUF to plant trees on leased property. John Ballman replied that the Borough’s imminent i.e. before end of financial year, transfer of assets, including HBUF, to the Parish (Swindon Central North Council) makes any discussion of this nature academic.
  • Tiverton Field stump clearing to take place 26th January, half a day’s work, £184, agreed. Kate reminded us that Josie was to get two quotes of which the cheaper would be approved by Steve, but this didn’t happen.
  • Right of Way – Josie raised issue once more. No new information to add.
  • Co-operative Bank cannot change existing account name to HBUF. Decision to apply to Lloyd’s Bank for their Treasurers Account instead (convenience of having branches still open in Swindon).  This would be with three signatories: Steve, Kate and Mary.  All in favour of this.
  • Whips for Tiverton Field through Jonathan Wilshaw, who will pay directly. 20 of these.

Chairman’s Report:

  • HBUF has applied for grants from the Lottery Awards for All, from The Charity Ball and from the Wiltshire Community Fund. The first two have been successful; we are waiting to hear from the third.  Some of the moneys would be earmarked for training (see Amanda’s concerns about driving tractor).
  • The consultation (permissions, designing leaflet, boards, logo, plan of area, questionnaire – using Survey Monkey, all via the Parish), culminating in two sessions, to take place afternoon and evening of 4th


  • It was agreed that the Lottery grant could cover the Celtic tree ring.
  • Sue – Christmas Tree festival at St Barnabas; Sue organised, and she and Kate cleared away after Christmas. Thanks to them.
  • Gladys Barr – vote of thanks to Gladys for all her very hard work advising on applications for grants.
  • Josie’s new address and phone number requested for the Charities Commission.
  • Steve requested that items should be numbered rather than bullet-pointed.

Meeting closed approximately 8.00

Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 11th February 2019, St Barnabas Small Hall.