Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Kate Henery, Josie Lewis, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher, Stuart Batsford

Apologies for absence: Amanda Musto, Sue Gwinnell, Marieanna McPherson

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record

Matters Arising:

  • Steve reported back on meeting with SBC Councillors – they will undertake services search on the land we wish to plant trees on; we will need to do public consultation – will Parish support this? Overall optimistic outcome we felt.
  • Josie continuing with Tiverton Field overhaul – Nationwide team on 1st November; Payback Team on some Sundays. Wellbeing group also one day soon.  Her lodger has flail mowed as well, for free.  She intends to plant trees (sourced through J Wilshaw) in some areas in Tiverton Field as well once clearing has taken place.
  • Street Smart cleared out pond
  • Fast Plant – Mary approached Advertiser about coverage of story but no response

Consternation was expressed over fact that Josie has contacted Wiltshire Wildlife Trust with a view to possible merge/takeover of HBUF.  This had not been suggested or agreed by the meeting in September. 

Chairman’s Report:

Already covered under Matters Arising

Future of HBUF:

It was felt that this, too, had been discussed already under Matters Arising


  • Britain in Bloom award for HBUF. There should be award ceremony locally at some point, about which we will inform The Advertiser
  • Coppicing – Steve suggested we should tackle some of this ourselves using bow-saws this winter – meeting agreed we would do some work parties – area north of the sleeper bridge and goat willow at the opposite end of the Ballman Field to the sleeper bridge.
  • Open Spaces Society useful organisation for HBUF to have as contact

Meeting closed 7.55

Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 12th November 2018, St Barnabas Small Hall.