Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Kate Henery, Josie Lewis, Amanda Musto, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher

Apologies for absence: Marieanna and Andrew McPherson

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record

Matters Arising:

Steve referred to email sent by Josie to Neil Pullen at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, requesting a meeting, three days after the HBUF meeting in which she was advised that she had no authority to do so.

Amanda questioned the reasoning of the above and discussion ensued on the matter; it concluded with a decision to wait and see if the new Parish were to become landlord for HBUF, in which eventuality we would enjoy greater support.  The feeling of the meeting was one in favour of the Parish becoming the new landlord.

Chairman’s Report:

  • It was agreed that HBUF would have a stand at Ecofest in Savernake Hall on 14th April 2019
  • Apparently the conifers at No 32 Tiverton Road are not going to become HBUF’s responsibility as the resident is in the process of dealing with them – slowly
  • We have received a gift of seven trees which Steve has planted in the Ballman Field (two rowans, two silver birch, two hazelnut and a holly). Most are from Lesley Hopewell
  • The willows that were causing concern have now been pollarded and/or coppiced
  • The £25 donation we agreed to pay to Community Service group towards their expenses has not yet been paid
  • It was agreed that we need to tighten up our procedures on ordering/paying/claiming; we will discuss more at next meeting. Kate suggested keeping records in booklet.

Secretary’s Report

  • Bank account name change from Hreod Burna Parkway Preservation Group to Hreod Burna Urban Forest requires formal proposal:
    This group proposes that we change the name on our bank account from ‘Hreod Burna Parkway Preservation Group’ to ‘Hreod Burna Urban Forest’.
    Proposed: S Thompson Seconded: J Ballman
    All in favour.  Proposal passed.
  • Definitive map/rights of way: there is currently one right of way that passes over our leased land; the group would have to be consulted over any other proposed right of way
  • We have contacted the Wild Landscapes group in Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to give us help/support for Tiverton Field
  • Postcode SN2 1AH needs to be discarded.

Tiverton Field

  • The discarded needles problem – little we can do except keep eye on it/deal with it
  • Proposed expenses for digger (to remove stumps)
    Long discussion resulted in decision for Josie to get two quotes which she would forward to Steve, whom the group mandated to approve the better of the two quotes
  • Discussion moved on to the current applications for grants, notably for the purchase of a compact tractor, which would greatly assist in the upkeep of HBUF.
    Amanda expressed anxiety about the use of a tractor – would we need a special licence, special training and so forth. Steve will contact the Health and Safety Executive to clarify.

Proposal to link Tiverton and Ballman Field

Long discussion.  Five in group in support of idea in principle, two abstaining, one against.  We can investigate ways and means of linking the fields.

Josie wished to have minuted that the lease states that we may not open any footpath or right-of-way; she also remarked on the need to protect brush/habitat for wildlife.  Sue remarked that, in their clearance of Tiverton Field, Josie’s group had cleared away a lot of brush already.


  • Steve read out email of 15th October from J Wilshaw about planting trees on our land:
    “The initial feedback is that, in principle, planting trees on the land currently within the HBUF lease is OK.”
  • Money for tools – John suggested we ask the Parish for a grant for this; Steve volunteered Mary. Needed: loppers, bow-saws, &c
  • Sue – Christmas Tree festival at St Barnabas; setting up on Fri 14th and Sat 15th December
  • Amanda – vote of thanks to Josie for all her very hard work in Tiverton Field – meeting concurred
  • Amanda – Land Registry map – has investigated and stated that there are restrictions on the ‘land west side of Cricklade Road’. She remarked that Land Registry language rather abstruse, however.

Meeting closed 8.55

Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 14th January 2019, St Barnabas Small Hall.