1.  Present at meeting:

Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Kate Henery, John Ballman, Robert Sherman, Mary Farragher

2.  Apologies for absence: Josie Lewis, Marieanna MacPherson

3.  Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record.

4.  Matters arising:

  • With reference to ‘Why we plant trees’, John Ballman referred to Friends of the Earth report that stated Swindon needed to plant more trees.
  • Coppicing took place last Sunday (10th November); under guidance of professional coppicer and tree surgeon Jason Dilworth; more coppicing to be done soon.
  • John B will remind Andy Reeves to email out Parish document Tree Planting Policy
  • No report on hollowed out ash tree
  • Clarification as to the 99-year lease – Parish holds this, HBUF’s lease still 25 years? 
  • No news on tractor, but Charity Ball cheque for £2,400 will be handed over in award ceremony on 21st November.
    In regard to this, a proposal was made to put this money towards a PTO shredder;
    Proposed – Steve; Seconded – John B; All voted in favour.
  • Cobden Green query – the middle of the green to be left open for dog walkers.
  • Report on VAS community fair (see Appendix “28a 2019 October Minutes”)

5.  Amalgamation of posts (Assistant Sec with Sec; Communities with Chair)

Discussion took place.  Attendees felt that this was actually what was already happening.   All agreed this was a sensible decision.  Josie’s request for reinstatement was considered, and it was felt that she had had the opportunity to put a point of view once having received the agenda, but hadn’t done so.

6.  Open Air Gym

It was agreed that Steve could investigate such a scheme (for some time in the future).

7.  Already discussed

The Parish’s recently agreed ‘Tree Planting Policy’ to be emailed to us.

Apparently responsibility for trees under 2m lies with Parish but over 2m with SBC.

The Parish Estate Manager to inspect hollowed out ash tree that is giving cause for concern.

Thoughts about tree planting covered pollution remedy, climate crisis, spike in asthma attacks during heavy pollution, with one attendee expressing lack of interest in planting trees, apart from infilling trees for maintenance in Tiverton Field.

8. & 9.  Consultation & Leafleting

Already done: May Close & Harber Court (Sue); Norman Road (Steve); Omdurman & Kitchener (Mary); St Mary’s Grove & Pinehurst up to Poplar (Steve & Mary).

To be done next: Ferndale to St Mary’s Grove (Mary); Cricklade up to Poplar, Poplar, Wilcox Close, Ash Grove (Kate & Sue); Tydeman (John B); Tiverton & Malvern (Steve).

Mary will email Marieanna and ask her to take on Avening, Edinburgh & Argyll.

10.  Swindon Community Lottery

Decision was no.  We have enough on our plates at the moment.

AOB  None

Meeting closed 8.20 

Next meeting: Monday 9th December cancelled;

Monday 16th December pencilled in, but if not possible then next meeting will have to be Monday 13th January 2020.