1.  Present at meeting: Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Josie Lewis, Marieanna MacPherson, John Ballman, Mary Farragher

2.  Apologies for absence: Kate Henery, Robert Sherman, Andrew MacPherson

3.  Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record.

4.  Matters arising:

Cobden Green – has been measured up and the Parish will supply suitable whips for planting in December.

6.  HBUF lease

John reported that the lease for HBUF has now passed to the Central Swindon North Parish Council, with a 99-year lease.

10.  HBUF need for Chair of Board of Trustees

John proposed Steve as Chair of Board of Trustees.  Mary proposed that Sue remain as chair of meetings, as Assistant Chair.

All voted in favour, with no abstentions.

5.  For discussion: why do we wish to plant trees?

The Parish’s recently agreed ‘Tree Planting Policy’ to be emailed to us.

Apparently responsibility for trees under 2m lies with Parish but over 2m with SBC.

The Parish Estate Manager to inspect hollowed out ash tree that is giving cause for concern.

Thoughts about tree planting covered pollution remedy, climate crisis, spike in asthma attacks during heavy pollution, with one attendee expressing lack of interest in planting trees, apart from infilling trees for maintenance in Tiverton Field.

7.  Public consultation

Leaflets re consultation & survey targeting nearer roads first; Marieanna, Sue, Mary and Steve will leaflet.

8.  Swindon Community Lottery

Discuss at next meeting, after looking at website.


Item 9 on agenda (Cobden Green follow-up) discussed under Matters Arising.

1.  No further update on tractor

2.  VAS Community Fair Wed 23rd October – table booked for event, not really accessible for people working in the day.

3.  Mary to email Josie the draft document on Membership Secretary; Josie wishes to be reinstated as Membership and Communities Secretary – wishes to discuss at next meeting.

4.  “Pizza Shop Heroes”, a play about asylum seekers and refugees, written and performed by them – Arts Centre, Devizes Road, 23rd November.

Meeting closed 8.05.  Next meeting: Monday 11th November, 7pm, St Barnabas small hall