Present at meeting: John Ballman, Steve Thompson, Josie Lewis, Sue Gwinnell, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher, Amanda Mustoe, Marieanna McPherson

Apologies for absence: Kate Henery

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record

Matters Arising:

  • Josie has sent thank you letter to Nationwide
  • Meeting agreed donation of £25 to Community Payback Team (proviso of written copy of agreement via Josie to Steve) re clearing blackthorn in Tiverton Field
  • Fast Plant – Mary to approach Advertiser about possible coverage of story

Chairman’s Report:

  • Steve and Mary to meet Councillor Gary Sumner (& J Wilshaw & R Weymouth) to discuss tree-planting project on HBUF/elsewhere
  • Woodland Trust have been approached for tree planting and grant
  • Steve and Mary have had two meetings with Gladys Barr about suitable bids for grants (towards tree planting, chainsaw training, purchase of compact tractor + front bucket attachment+ mower deck + trailer)
  • Steve has contacted Street Smart for them to deal with the excrement &c left behind after traveller encampment

Future of HBUF – Letter from Amanda:

Discussion about concerns regarding lack of clarity surrounding permissions and covenant(s) on land, as well as desirability/possibility of putting plan(s) in place to merge with another, larger, charitable organisation in order to safeguard the future of HBUF.

Woodland Trust and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust were mentioned.

Sue proposed, and meeting accepted, that we investigate other similar groups with this in mind.

Decision that we would discuss topic at our monthly meetings.


  • Strimmer to cost c£100 for new carburettor – meeting agreed to meet cost
  • Costs for room hire: Steve, John, Amanda and Mary owe for this month; Josie took the £6.00 from today to pass on to Kate

Meeting closed 8.20

Next Meeting: 7.00 Monday 8th October 2018, St Barnabas Small Hall.