1.  Present at meeting: Steve Thompson, Sue Gwinnell, Josie Lewis, Kate Henery, Bob Sherman, Mary Farragher, Marieanna MacPherson, John Ballman

2.  Apologies for absence: Andrew MacPherson, Ben Williams

3.  Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as a true record.

4.  Matters arising:

a)  Final amended document ‘Job Description/Code of Conduct’ was accepted and signed by all trustees and members.

b)  It was confirmed that the letter to John Piggott was delivered by hand.

c)  Co-opting Steve Thompson to position of trustee –

Proposed: Sue Gwinnell; Seconded: John Ballman; Voted in favour: 5; Against: 1; Abstentions: 1.  Proposal passed.

d)  Josie proposed once more a vote of no confidence in Steve Thompson and proceeded to distribute a 30-point document.  John Ballman refused to take this document and asked if anyone wished to second her proposal.  None was forthcoming.  John Ballman then proposed that we disregard all appeals with regard to Steve Thompson and a vote of no confidence; Seconded – Mary Farragher.  A vote was taken:-

In favour – 6;  Against – 1;  Abstained – 1.  John Ballman’s proposal was passed.

5.  Discussion of document ‘Works Plan (2019-2029)’

There were few amendments to this document proposed by the meeting:-

*  Page 5, under ‘Objective’, “Staff Development” amended to “Staff/Volunteer Development”.  Same amendment on Page 6, under ‘Objective’ at the bottom of the table.

*  Page 6, under ‘Activity’, “Provide high levels of customer care” was changed to “Provide high levels of visitor care”

Proposal that we adopt this amended document:

Proposed: John Ballman; seconded: Kate Henery; All were in favour.


a)  The meeting agreed unanimously that there is a need to apply for funding for maintenance. 

b)  Transfer of our lease to the Parish is in progress; possibility of a 99-year lease.

c)  Cobden Green, a green space behind Esso Garage near Bruce Street Bridges, would be coming to the Parish – the meeting agreed there was a possibility of our planting trees there.  We will investigate.

d)  Next meeting to discuss Business Plan and starting Consultation Process in our ‘Towards 10,000 Trees’ project, as well as approaching schools and community groups.

e)  Trees for Celtic tree circle – At the beginning of the meeting Kate outlined once more the trees that would be planted.  These would be half-standards rather than the smaller whips.  John Ballman suggested we acquire these via the Parish and therefore VAT-free.  Meeting closed 8.20.  Next meeting: Monday 14th October, 7pm, St Barnabas small hall