So much yet so little has happened

I cannot keep on saying how bad it is that it’s so long since I last wrote anything here.  Perhaps I should just put something like, ‘Ditto, more of the same’?

Anyway, we have achieved a great deal over the past few months, with decisions taken on the adoption of a code of conduct and a plan for the next ten years, our ‘plan of works’.  All very well setting out a plan of works, you might remark; now we have to put in the building blocks so that the works might happen.  That’s a way of referring to the ‘so little’ in the title.

Well, with regard to that, we are still in the limbo of not yet having our tractor nor of not yet being taken under the aegis of the Central Swindon North Parish Council, although we know that both of these things are imminent, and have been for some months.  Little joke there, do you see?

There have been some ructions, which is inevitable when huge projects such as ours are in the pipeline, and as you will discover when you read our minutes page for August and September.  We soldier on, nevertheless.

Our wildflower meadow this year was beautiful.  It is all coming together, and we were delighted to see how many different species were coming up, as well as the wonderful comments we received about the grass vetchling lathyrus nissolia – yes, this wasn’t something I had ever heard of, either, and found out that it was a very small, sweet-pea-like plant, but very pretty.  You can see it on our new leaflet; it’s a vibrant cerise pink (odd that cherries aren’t that colour, yet the word cerise is French for cherry – well, it’s a mystery! Although the French word puce means flea, and our colour puce refers to a kind of maroon).  We are the lucky recipients, too, of the gift of some more yellow rattle seeds which we will be able to sow soon.

We met some lovely people at the Pinehurst Fund Day this year, and will certainly be there again next year, proudly displaying our new banner. You’ll be able to see this before next year, when we use it as part of our consultation process. Also imminent. Also imminent for some months. Stale joke.

What more can I say at the moment?  Probably loads I’ve forgotten for now, but will be able to relate at another time.

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